Welcome to Ananya Vidyalaya


The goal of the school is to provide quality education and promote the best standards of learning among children.Focus is on individual potential as each student is believed to be unique. The method of teaching is individual-oriented and the atmosphere is warm and responsive. We also focus in fostering values within children which helps to mould them into responsible citizens of tomorrow.
Holistic education goes hand in hand with a child’s development and upbringing. We also believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body and for this there are several extra-curricular activities along with sports. Our school has excellent resources with well-stocked libraries and well-equipped laboratories to aid the learning process. At Ananya Vidyalaya, technology has broadened and strengthened the base of our education system and the students, teachers, parents and management have benefitted from this. It has enhanced the quality of teaching while making optimum use of the time students spend on campus..